Arkane founder Raphaël Colantonio criticized Microsoft for its shortsightedness, believing that the company is only reinforcing the image of an evil corporation. Xbox's decision to shut down several studios, including Arkane's Austin division, received widespread criticism online, prompting the Arkane founder to join the discussion.

On social media, Raphaël Colantonio, who left Arkane back in 2017, referred to Microsoft as a shortsighted company that undermines players' trust. Colantonio departed Arkane largely due to Bethesda's publisher interference in the studio's creative processes. For instance, the company imposed the name "Prey" for the 2017 game, although Colantonio's team did not want to use it.

According to Jason Schreier, Arkane Austin pitched their next game just before the division's closure. The team wanted to create another single-player immersive sim and potentially return to the Dishonored franchise.

Raphaël Colantonio has been working in his own indie studio, Wolfeye, for several years now. In early 2022, they released their first game, the action RPG Weird West, and are now occupied with a second project, an RPG set in a retro-futuristic setting.

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