Sucker Punch addresses the recent backlash surrounding Helldivers 2's mandatory PSN account linking and clarifies the situation for Ghost of Tsushima on PC.

The developers confirm that players won't need to link their Steam and PSN accounts to experience the single-player campaign. However, accessing the cooperative multiplayer mode will require this link.

Ghost of Tsushima launches on PC via Steam on May 16, 2024. Fans can currently pre-order the samurai action title for $59.99, receiving a New Game+ horse, traveler's attire, and armor dye as pre-order bonuses. The Director's Cut includes the story DLC and the cooperative multiplayer mode.

Sucker Punch attempts to avoid the Helldivers 2 situation, where mandatory PSN registration sparked widespread negativity due to regional restrictions. While Ghost of Tsushima's PSN link is more flexible, Sony's approach of forcing players to use their service remains questionable. Drawing PC players into the PlayStation ecosystem through such forceful methods is counterproductive, alienating potential customers and undermining brand trust.

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