Korean studio Shift Up's new hit, Stellar Blade, continues to amaze players. Some users have noticed that the main character, Eve, reacts to players closely examining her body and face during gameplay. Leave the camera zoomed in on her and step away, perhaps to make a cup of tea, and upon your return, you'll find her looking directly at you.

After stopping the camera close to Eve, she responds with an equally intense gaze, her pupils following the camera's direction.

Gamers are actively discussing this interesting detail on social media:

She knows what you're doing when you put the controller down.

Tell her to log off if she wants me to stop.

Others simply state facts about themselves:

Yeah, I'm hot. 

Some recall similar situations in other games. For example, in NieR Replicant, the character Kaine reacts quite extravagantly if the player scrutinizes her too closely. And 2B from NieR:Automata might slap the camera if the player "looks in the wrong place". Breaking the fourth wall is an uncommon but always memorable technique in games. It creates the feeling of a living character who reacts to the player. It seems that in Stellar Blade, the developers decided to have a little fun and stir up interest in their heroine.

Main image: Ensiplay