The Stellar Blade demo unexpectedly appeared in the PlayStation Store, sparking a wave of excitement among fans. However, it was quickly removed shortly after its release. This unexpected incident was a delightful surprise for some fans and a disappointment for those who missed out. Despite the brief nature of the event, it generated significant interest in the upcoming game release, scheduled for April 26th

The incident occurred overnight from March 8th to 9th. Although the demo was available for only a few minutes, it was enough time for some players to download it.

A few quick players managed to download the demo and shared their impressions of the gameplay on Reddit. They described the combat as a mix between NieR: Automata and Ninja Gaiden: Black, which they enjoyed. Whether these people actually got to play is something we'll never know, so we're looking forward to the official release to experience the game from Shift Up firsthand!

Stellar BladeImage: Stellar Blade Comments also mentioned appreciation for the gameplay featuring the charming main heroine, noting that the combat felt dynamic.

Stellar Blade is a highly anticipated game from the Korean developer Shift Up, set to release on PlayStation 5 next month. This accidental demo release may have been an unintended leak, but it gave players a taste of what to expect in the full version of the game.

Main image by Ensiplay