Hooray for content! Stellar Blade will get an uncensored release in all countries. Employees of the Shift Up studio announced this on their social networks on April 21, five days before the release of Stellar Blade. 

The developers stated that Stellar Blade will not be censored. That applies to every region and all countries where the game will be released, especially Japan, infamous for its restrictions towards explicit content. Presumably, Shift Up decided to release this clarification due because of the brutal finishers against opponents and the fact that at least one costume for the main heroine looks as if she is not wearing any clothes. 

Stellar Blade is one of the most discussed and anticipated releases of this spring. It got the heat after demo version was made public, as Shift Up was accused of oversexualisation of main heroine. That led to the Korean magazine MAXIM releasing a video with a model who was a prototype of Eve. 

The game will only be available on PS5. There is currently no information about a release on other platforms. 

Main image; youtube.com