Stellar Blade has successfully launched on PlayStation 5, and the first reviews are out. The results are good: the average score on Metacritic is 82/100, which is more than a decent result.

Most journalists have positively assessed Stellar Blade. Reviewers particularly praised the game for its dynamic combat system with a variety of moves and combinations. According to critics, Stellar Blade partially resembles NieR: Automata and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in this aspect. The main heroine possesses many abilities, most of which are essential to use during battles, especially against bosses.

Critics applauded Stellar Blade for its detailed graphics and excellent performance. According to reviewers, the game consistently provides stunning visuals, with some scenes being downright mesmerizing. The soundtrack was also highly praised—it was described as memorable.

One of the drawbacks noted by reviewers was the characters and dialogues between them, which were likened to B-movie standards. Some journalists also criticized how the developers represented women in the game.

Opinions on the storyline among reviewers were divided. Some journalists found Stellar Blade's narrative to be excellent, with a highly engaging story. However, authors of several reviews noted that the plot was very predictable, which came as no surprise at all.

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