While speaking with journalists, Larian Studios head Swen Vincke shared details about the plans developers had to abandon during the creation of Baldur's Gate 3. When asked about his favorite companion that had to be cut, the studio lead named Ketheric Thorm, the boss of the second act. Originally, the hero could have stayed in the camp and provided the player with useful information about the remaining villains.

Baldurs Gate 3Image: youtube.comVincke also mentioned that Larian initially wanted to use significantly more locations in the game, such as the Astral Plane, Vlaakith's Palace, Candlekeep, and the Circles of Hell. They abandoned all of these because with so many locations, the map would have become smaller. They refused to reduce the scale of the world in order to avoid compromising the adventurous aspect.

The studio wanted to use multiple narrators, and one of them could have been Matt Mercer. After testing cutscenes, the developers decided this approach wouldn't work. To make the dialogues believable and lively, the developers chose to use motion capture. The studio wanted to use it not only for the actors' bodies but also for their faces. However, they ultimately abandoned the latter.

Baldurs Gate 3Image: EnsiplayDuring the presentation, Vincke briefly mentioned that Astarion, one of the most popular characters in Baldur's Gate 3 among fans, was originally a tiefling, not an elf. The old version had yellow eyes, a sword on his back, gray skin, shoulder-length black hair and two large horns.

Main image: Ensiplay