The developers of The Sims 4 left many hidden and challenging achievements that few were aware of, and only a handful of hardcore players would ever actually unlock them. A fan shared his discovery on Reddit: during years-long adventures in the virtual universe, he managed to accidentally unlock the legendary "Legacy Leader" achievement. The player was extremely surprised when the corresponding message appeared on his screen, as he had no idea such an achievement even existed.

As it turned out, the title is awarded only to those who managed to play as 10 or more different families in one game world, controlling each for a minimum of 10 generations. The requirements are very serious, which makes "Legacy Leader" one of the rarest and most prestigious achievements in The Sims 4. The story caused genuine excitement among the fan community, with many players saying they could reach a maximum of 2–3 generations with only one family, let alone 10. However, now they have an incentive to continue striving for the "Legacy Leader" dignity.

sims 4 Legacy LeaderImage: reddit.comIn the comments, another interesting thing was mentioned — the popular "Alphabet Legacy" challenge. To participate and complete it, one needs to raise a full 26 generations of a single family!

Main image: Ensiplay