The Sims 4 has been evolving for a whole decade, accumulating new content. Fans clearly remember the project's unsuccessful launch. At the time of its release, The Sims 4 was extremely dull and had performance issues. Now, there have been over 15 DLCs released with a wealth of content, but this comes with a significant problem — an indecent price.

According to fans' calculations, to fully enjoy the game, one would need to spend over $1000! This is a huge price for a video game. All the while, this was masked by the fact that the base version of The Sims 4 is free. This was conspicuous, but the game without DLC has the same shortcomings it had at release — lack of content and it's boring to play.

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In the latest update, released on February 27, the theme of purchasing DLC has been taken to a new level. A "Buy DLC" button has appeared in the user interface. For video games, this is not a novelty, and such a feature was already present in The Sims 4's start menu. However, EA decided to go further. Now, the button is directly in the game interface.

The most irritating factor has become the button's animation. If you have not purchased any DLC, the button will constantly pulsate. This has been very annoying for players. There are concerns that in the upcoming Sims 5, advertising will be even more aggressive.

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