Helldivers 2 has received its significant first update, version 1.000.13, altering the game balance and fixing bugs.

Helldivers 2Image: Steam Helldivers 2 

Here’s what’s new:

  • Planetary hazards now include fire tornadoes, meteor showers, and more. They can harm you, enemies, and the environment. Be cautious and try to adapt to these new conditions.
  • Assassination missions now feature more enemies that appear more frequently. These tasks will take longer and be more challenging. You’ll need to employ various weapons and strategies to overcome them.
  • Some weapons and stratagems have been rebalanced; some became stronger, while others were weakened. For instance, the Breaker shotgun, railgun, and shield generator were toned down because they were too overpowering.
  • The flashlight has been improved since it was previously considered too useless.
  • Bugs and glitches related to graphics, physics, the interface, and networking have been fixed. For example, crashes during award displays, when calculating physics and destructions, when searching for a group, and more have been addressed.
  • Also corrected were issues where armor would stretch when limbs were torn off, and the camera no longer gets stuck on corpses, obstructing views of the other players’ game.

The patch details also mention problems still pending resolution but are under active development. For example, in the future, players will get scorched if they stand too close during a rocket launch.

Main image by Ensiplay