From April 7-8, Helldivers 2 players took on the Automatons, one of the game's primary enemy factions, and emerged victorious, with over 345K Helldivers participating in the operation, according to SteamDB data. The mission was a success, but the following day brought a storm.

The threat to Super-Earth from the Automatons has intensified. Following the successful mission, the developers have added even more robots to the game. Helldivers have split into Eastern and Western fronts. A multitude of players have deployed to the front lines to undertake the final liberation mission, bringing the number of concurrent Helldivers 2 players to over 345K as of April 7. Conveniently, the defense of Super-Earth fell on a weekend.

Helldivers 2 steamImage: steamdb.infoThe developers took to the official X account to congratulate players on the successful liberation in a tongue-in-cheek manner, continuing to showcase their signature sentimentality.

With the Automatons eradicated, the Termite mission remained. However, on April 9, the developers, in a patch, brought back the metallic foes — the Automatons are back in greater numbers.

Main image: Ensiplay