A major patch for Helldivers 2 has been released, increasing the game's difficulty for incomplete squads, making solo play especially challenging. Enemy patrols will now spawn more frequently if there are fewer than four players in the team. Certain weapons have also been nerfed. The popular BR-14 Adjudicator assault rifle now fires in bursts by default, requiring greater accuracy from players.

Helldivers 2Image: youtube.comThe powerful LAS-5 Scythe received increased damage but with a reduced magazine size. The A/MG-43 Machinegun Sentry and A/ARC-3 Tesla Tower stratagems have been buffed, making them more effective in combat.

Here are some additional balance changes:

  • The "Spread Democracy" mission is now available on higher difficulty levels;
  • An option has been added to disable automatic climbing and vaulting while sprinting;
  • The developers have also fixed numerous bugs and improved level generation.
  • Certain weapons, such as the CB-9 Exploding Crossbow and LAS-99 Quasar Cannon, have received nerfs to their stats, including reduced ammo capacity and longer reload times.
  • Enemies like Bile Spewers and Nursing Spewers have been slowed down;
  • Armor with a rating above 100 now reduces damage from headshots.

The full list of changes is available on the Helldivers 2 Steam page. The developers are continuing to work on balancing the game.

Main image: Ensiplay