Helldivers 2 was released quite recently and has gained immense popularity among gamers, exceeding even the developers' expectations. They are constantly facing server issues due to the high number of players. Server overcrowding naturally leads to certain inconveniences, such as frequent bugs with progression or connection failures.

Of course, the developers are not willing to leave this issue unaddressed, so they decided to increase the server capacity to 450,000 concurrent players. Since PC and PS5 users are most often affected by these bugs, the upgrade specifically targets these platforms.

Helldivers 2Image credit: x.com

The previous limit was 360,000 concurrent players, a threshold that was reached within just a few minutes. However, despite the measures taken, the developers warn that the aforementioned problems may persist.

Helldivers 2 recently set a new record for the peak number of concurrent players on Steam, reaching 333,827 people. This achievement ranks the game 28th among the highest concurrent user counts in the history of the Valve digital distribution platform, with Starfield in 29th place.

Main image by ensiplay