The long-awaited project Skull and Bones from Ubisoft was released after 11 years of development. The game was already considered dead by many, but it rose from the ashes like a phoenix and... failed to take off. Critics literally destroyed the game.

There are so many complaints about the project that the negatives can be listed for a long time. Players complain about the most boring gameplay, outdated graphics, and endless grind that even the most devoted fans of the pirate theme find depressing.

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Ubisoft was hit by a wave of criticism, but to all complaints, they respond with a loud AAAA! Yes, it's a AAAA project, and the developers claim that the industry has not seen such a game before. In part, this is true. The industry indeed has not seen such lazy work over 11 years — Ubisoft managed that.

Recently, experts from Digital Foundry conducted a technical analysis of Skull and Bones and were dissatisfied with the results. In quality mode on consoles, the game delivers an honest 4K resolution, but only a minority play with such settings. Few people enjoy watching a slideshow.

Gamers prefer performance mode, and here Skull and Bones is terrible! The base resolution on PS5 and Xbox Series X drops to 720p, and on Series S — to 540p. At the same time, the game tries to artificially increase the resolution, and the image is covered with a "soapy film".

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Digital Foundry also noted terrible water reflections, bugs, and awful facial animation. Even in Ubisoft projects from the 2010s, facial animation is done several times better.

The experts from DF could not overlook the design and gameplay. In their opinion, it's a colossal failure. They have not seen such boring gameplay and poor visual style in any of the loud projects.

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