The new game, which quickly gained popularity, Helldivers 2, apparently experienced its first weekend without the crashes that players had grown accustomed to complaining about. The new server limit of approximately 800,000 users was able to handle the influx of the audience.

Although some gamers still encountered crashes in Helldivers 2 this week, getting into the game has become easier than before.

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Issues with logging in and crashes in Helldivers 2 have been present since the game's launch. However, gradually increasing the limit, disconnecting inactive players, and overall optimization allowed the developers to stabilize the situation.

The studio's CEO noted that he is happy and proud of the team for such successes in their work. The director also promised that gamers can expect a lot of interesting things ahead.

In addition, Johan Pilestedt reported that the team can now return to their original plans. What does this mean? Before the game's release, Arrowhead announced that it would be adding new enemies, biomes, objectives, and story content in free updates, but after the game's unexpected success, the studio plans to "accelerate and enhance" its plans.

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