Doki-Doki Universe is an adventure video game with a heavy focus on personality measurement during the gameplay's process. This is the only games within the IP and the first one by HumaNature Studios.


The developers tell a story of a QT3 — a robot who has been abandoned by humans due to lack of emotions which led him to fail “humanity test.” The main story arc is about QT3's ability to experience feelings. Alien Jeff comes to visit him after forty years of the isolations and checks whether he has gained any sentiments whatsoever.

Gameplay features

The gaming process primarily consists of Jeff and QT3 visiting planets and evaluating moral choices on each one. Every planet looks unique and cartoon-like and is painted individually, without the procedural generation of the environment. The core feature of the game is the player's perception of himself, as he proceeds through the narrative structure of the game — depending on choices he made, including both randomly picking planet color and thoughtful decisions about the fates of the living creatures dwelling on a planet.
To figure out the set of action on a particular planet, the player needs to figure out the likes and dislikes of the planet residents using summonables which are pictures every character may differently react to.

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