Drawn to Death is a multiplayer shooter game.


The shooter arena is set in a teenager’s notebook. The actions demonstrate the adolescent nature of a child’s illustrations.
The player performs from the third person perspective; he aims to fight off the enemies and discover the stage full of secret cages. The players have a variety of characters to choose from. Each one of them has its special attacks, tendencies, and attitudes. Before the game starts, the players can try a tutorial. Once they do that, they learn the mechanics of the game and the protagonist’s abilities. While playing, it is possible to add weapons, upgrades like skins and taunts, and improve the fighting skills. As time passes, mystery boxes appear on the way; there the player can find various items such as weapons or different upgrades. There are four player types, involving the classic Deathmatch.

Key features

The game has its juvenile nature which widens throughout the scene. The unlocked weapons include a lizard flamethrower, a monkey throwing feces, and even a child’s hand which interacts in action. The shooting mechanics are quite childish as well, including a dash, a double jump, a kick, and other special moves. During the game, the characters make vulgar jokes accentuating the game’s details.

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