Since the 1990 FIFA series has been expanding with each passing year. But the 2012 year was different for the format, because this year when FIFA 13 was released, it was still the time of motion controls. The game supports Kinect, PlayStation Move and version for Wii U includes the touch-based shots, where players can direct the ball precisely while managing and playing the match in real-time.
FIFA 13 follows the game modes and features of the previous iteration but adding more current content for the time. For example, adding the Saudi Professional League, bringing back five international teams, yet removing Croatia, due to the licensing disagreement. Newly added game mode FIFA Ultimate team, which gives players the ability to make their own team with real-world players. All professional players are purchased as cards, randomly obtained through card packs. Said cards are divided into three tiers: bronze, silver, and gold, representing their quality.