Garfield Kart is basically a shitty fanfiction visual novel loosely based off of the masterpiece of high art that is Garfield Kart. 


In a world where a secret mastermind holds a Kart Racing Tournament where teams are pitted against each other to the death, Jon, Garfield, and the other one no one cares about have won every year, and this year they plan to end it once and for all, because Garfield is fat and lazy, and driving is too much exercise. That's it. That's the plot. Pretty uninteresting, right? Yay, I wasted my time.  


 Some special features that will ruin your day and/or month may include:

 -Jojo references

 -Random pictures of memes I used as assets because like Hitler, i am a shitty artist. 

- An anime parody intro, some guy made on youtube, but hey that video was also made with stolen clips and audio, so I don't care.

 -Lots of L A S A G A. 

-Benito Mussolini 


-Sexy Garfield (Abs included)

 -and last but not least, T-Posing Garfield

Other Details:

The game is basically finished, with the plot done, I want to see if interest will be sparked, if people really want to see more of the Garfield Kart  fan sequel nobody ever wanted in the first place. Anyways, the entire story is finished, which I might expand upon, might not. 

Size: 78.2 MB on macs, and 95.6 for windows

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