Gears of War: Judgment is a third-person shooter game developed by Epic Games. It is a spin-off to the Gears of War series.


Judgment serves as a spin-off prequel to the original Gears of War. On a distant planet named Sera, humanity suffers from a sudden invasion of the Locust Horde. Nothing is known about the enemy, and the human government is unable to deploy its military forces quickly. The story revolves around a military court process against the four-person Kilo squad.


Just like in all previous installments of Gears of War, Judgment is a third-person shooter featuring an over the shoulder perspective with an addition of an advanced cover system.

The levels of the game are not as open as they used to be in the previous games. Now, the players fight in small and dense urban environments. Missions serve as self-contained story parts with no backtracking present in the gameplay.

The game features a scoring system that evaluates the player's performance. There are two main criteria that matter: a number of the player kills and the number of headshots made. A harder difficulty is offered before the mission launch. This can activate a special weapon restriction or set a time limit. Completing a level on such difficulty will increase your score.

The game also features a multiplayer mode that was not changed much since the last game apart from the addition of two new game modes: OverRun and Free-for-All. Eight maps are available to the players.

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