This is a game in the action platformer genre with Metroidvania elements, developed by the Canadian studio DrinkBox Studios. This is the third game in the studio's portfolio.

The player gains control over the protagonist - an ordinary Mexican farmer named Juan Aguacate, who seeks to save the daughter of El Presidente and the love of his life from the hands of the evil skeleton charro named Carlos Calaca. To do this, he puts on the mask of the wrestler and bares the torso. The main character has several special moves, for coins from the defeated monsters you can buy upgrades for these moves and the skills. New abilities the main character receives after the opening of Chozo Statues. Some of them will give him new movements in combat. Other abilities will allow reaching previously inaccessible places on the level.

A separate element of the gameplay - boss-fights, each with a separate puzzle. And the new techniques and capabilities of the character open during the gameplay. The game became so popular that Juan Aguacate appeared in several projects from third-party developers and the developers of Guacamelee! together with IndieBox released a limited number of physical copies of the game for collectors.

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