Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game set in the League of Legends universe. Well-thought-out solutions and ingenuity bring success here. Build the perfect deck by combining champions and support cards from different regions, each with their own style and strategic advantages.

FAMOUS CHAMPIONS OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: well-known champions from League of Legends and new heroes from the world of Runterra are worked out in detail and literally come to life in this game.

SKILL COMES FIRST: it all depends on the decisions you make and the risk you are willing to take. Every move is important here, and the result of the battle is determined only by you.

YOUR CARDS, YOUR RULES: Play and get cards for free. You can also buy the cards you need – decide for yourself what your collection will be. You don't have to spend money on random sets!

CREATE AND MANAGE: adapt to the evolving meta – experiment and create unexpected combinations of cards that will be added in updates.

EACH ACTION CAUSES A REACTION: the moves are constantly alternating, and you can react to the actions of the enemy… But he also has the opportunity.

PLAY IN DIFFERENT MODES: fight your friends for fun, go to the top in ranked games, or go on an expedition and collect a deck on the go.

EXPLORE RUNTERRA: get to know the picturesque regions of Runterra and find out what dangers they pose, who lives in them, and how the inhabitants of different regions are connected to each other.

There are now 24 champions in Legends of Runeterra – each with their own unique mechanics based on skills from League of Legends.

Champions are powerful cards. By playing wisely, you will increase their level, and then they will become even stronger.

Get new abilities and destroy your enemies. Turn the tide of battle with a quick combination of cards. You can even break the rules and win in an unexpected way.

Champions play a key role in the deck, but there are other cards in it – the team without which you can not take the enemy nexus. Choose allies that will help the champion level up faster and take control of the playing field.

There are a great many support cards. You will see both old acquaintances and completely new faces.

Each map, each character belongs to a specific region of Runterra. The first set includes maps from seven regions. These are Demasia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover and Zaun, Ionia, the Twilight Islands, and the newly added Bilgewater.

Each region has its own style of play and strategic advantages. Everything becomes even more interesting if two regions are combined in the deck. By choosing the cards correctly, you can create a deck for any strategy game, but this choice depends only on you.

There are many ways to win. You have complete creative freedom – no one tells you how to make a deck.

Legends of Runeterra is free. Both victory and defeat bring you experience and progress. Choose your first region and maps – in the future, the faction can be changed at any time. Play and get new allies, champions, and spells that will last for several decks.

Once a week, you can open chests from the vault. The more you play, the higher the level of the chests, and this in turn affects the rarity of the cards that fall out of them: from ordinary to champions. A stray card can be found in the chest, which can be turned into any other card you want. Experiment with new maps to find your own style of play. More collection – more features.

Go on expeditions and collect a deck on the go. New cards are constantly appearing in the game – they will help you win!

For those who want to test their skills, there are ranked games in which you can compete with the best players of Runterra.

Then everything depends on you. By choosing a champion, region, or spell, you take a step toward becoming a legend.
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