During the Evolution Championship Series 2023 fighting game tournament, a presentation of Project L took place. Project L is a 2D fighting game set in the Runeterra universe of LoL

Gamers at the championship had a unique opportunity to try out the title for the first time. A total of 2 arenas were available to gamers: the Ionian Forest and the waterfront near the bridge, located between Piltover and Zaun. Additionally, players were able to play as the following champions: 

• Ahri; 

• Yasuo; 

• Darius; 

• Ekko.  

The battles took place in a 2v2 format. 

An almost 14-minute gameplay video of the upcoming project was published. 

In this demo, players could control four champions. One gamer controlled one character. Although it's possible to play as a duo, in that case, one person would have to manage two characters. 

Project L was announced back in 2019. The exact release date of the game remains unknown to this day. 

Did you enjoy the gameplay video? What are your thoughts on this project? 

Main image: YouTube