MAINFRAME DEFENDERS - tactical retrofuturistic strategy game.
A computer virus have infiltrated Microlinc Dynamics AI controlled research complex. While AI itself is intact, most of its subservient units are controlled by virus. Lead squad of 4 prototype units on mission to defend complex mainframe. You'll have to repel assaults, destroy unit fabricators, download valuable data, clear infected nodes and do more on your way to deepest parts of the complex. Work around item limitations and drawbacks to build powerful combinations. Destroy your enemies with diverse tactics: overheat them, melt with corrosion, absorb damage and return fire. But don't rely on a single strategy too much - enemies might have a way to counter it. But above everything else: defend the Mainframe!

* RETRO STYLE: Graphics, inspired by 80s terminal PC with hybrid synthwave soundtrack.

* DIVERSE TACTICS: Cook enemy robots to death, bury them under your bullets, eliminate with single powerful shot, or render your opponents useless with debuffs - this game is designed with a lot of viable strategies in mind.

* BUILD YOUR SQUAD: Similar to how in card games you have to build your deck, in MAINFRAME DEFENDERS you have to combine different items with unique abilities, to create unstopable squad. Work around item drawbacks or double down on them, creating flawed, yet powerful build! Over 100 obtainable items in demo version alone!

* UNIQUE ENEMIES: Enemy squad woun't sit idle, though. Each unit have its own role in squad, and designed to couter certain strategies. Pick your targets wisely, or you will lose.

* PROCEDURAL LEVELS: Hand-made rooms are combined with procedural generation to create random levels. Missions have differing objectives, combined with unique mission conditions. Will you accept the challenge or avoid the unknown and risk to fall behind?
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