Mechanic Escape is a platformer runner game focused on chases — the player has a giant robot chasing him at every level. This is the only title developed by Slak Games.


The player controls a robot which looks like an old CRT monitor through 80 levels. There are collectibles on the levels — the protagonist can accumulate little CRT monitors to earn the bonus points for the levels and compete with friends and online challengers. The primary goal of every level is to escape giant machine heading toward you using all means necessary — one can jump, slide down, and shoot himself out of cannons on the levels.
There are four characters with various skins all representing monitors with different stages of thickness. The distinctions are only cosmetics — they bear no impact on the in-game process. There are no checkpoints in the levels, so the title is widely considered as Super Meat Boy successor when it comes to difficulty settings.


Namely, the title feature no story whatsoever — the entry cutscene is shown to the players at the beginning and at the ending of the game telling a story of an unnamed robot trying to save his friends. As one proceeds through levels, he may discover the other three robots which he was entitled to save alongside with little NPC CRT monitors. The game ends the same after 80 levels regardless of the monitors collected.

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