Never Alone is a 2D platformer about an Iñupiaq tribe. Iñupiaq are the indigenous people of Alaska. The game is based on their traditional tale called "Kunuuksaayuka". It is the only game in the series. The "Foxtales" DLC has been released a year later and added 3 new levels.
It is the highly story-driven game: a whole gameplay centers around an adventure of a girl and her fox. The player can control both characters, one at a time. Fox is primarily used for fast movement, while the girl can pick things up and throw bola — traditional Iñupiaq long-ranged weapon. The story tells itself in the form of an oral fiction: the voice behind the screen comments the player's action and responds to their achievements sometimes rewarding them with real-life Iñupiaq videos.
The plot centers around the blizzard — Iñupiaq tribe doesn't know its source and sends a girl Nuna to explore. Along the way, Nuna meets some traditional Iñupiaq goddesses: the blizzard God, Manslayer and the rolling heads.