Worthy ancestor

The second part in a series of jRPG-like games in the popular cartoon universe about the of schoolchildren adventures. South Park already had attempted to make quality games, but until recently they were unsuccessful. In this case, the stars converged and the game, like its predecessor, proved to be successful.

Geniuses at work

The developers themselves were the creators of the original show - Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The plot of the game is in no way connected with the previous part, except for the time when events unfold: a day after the events of the previous game. In this iteration, Cartman and the children decide to dress up as superheroes and create their mega-popular franchise, like Marvel. The player joins the action as before in the role of the The New Kid and becomes a witness in the adventures of Cartman and the team.

Key features

Gameplay-wise the game has not changed much: it's still a game similar to jRPG with step-by-step battles and a pseudo-open world, which is divided into story locations. Using a 2.5D player explores the fictional town of South Park Colorado. In the game, classes are available, and they are South Park-style satire on the classic RPG classes. The main change in the combat system is visual: now instead of a static battlefield, players and NPCs can move freely along the battlefield divided into blocks and use its features to create a tactical advantage.

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