Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation is an action-adventure game developed by Core Design. It is the fourth game in the Tomb Raider series.


Young Lara Croft who is accompanied by professor Werner Von Croy goes to Cambodia to find a mysterious artifact known as Iris. Unfortunately, due to an accident, the professor dies and Lara has to return to Great Britain. 15 years later, Lara opens up an Egyptian tomb where an ancient Egyptian god Set was buried. She incidentally awakens an old god, so now Lara has to get him back to the tomb to prevent the Apocalypse from happening.


The main gameplay formula of Tomb Raider is largely the same. The players have to explore the levels in order to find certain items. In their search, the players have to avoid and fight enemies and use aerobatics to progress further into the level.

However, compared to the last game, The Last Revelation features some major gameplay changes. Now Lara can swing on ropes to get over gaps and pits, she can use pipes to climb up the buildings, and shimmy on ledges. Instead of using the old circular inventory system, it is now linear, where all the items in your inventory are placed in a horizontal line. The players can now utilize a compass, yet it is only used for putting in cheat codes or solving a puzzle on one of the game's levels. The items in your inventory can be combined together.

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