Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is an action-adventure game developed by Core Design. It is the sixth part of the Tomb Raider game series.


After a yet another expedition, Lara Croft meets with her mentor, Professor Werner Von Croy. In their conversation, he mentions the existence of ancient Obscura pictures and an unknown order placed on them. Unexpectedly, Lara gets knocked out. Upon coming to she finds herself next to the dead body of her mentor. Lara Croft is thought to be the murderer of the Professor. She sets out to prove otherwise.


The Angel of Darkness features both the usual action-adventure title elements as well as several RPG ones as in conversations with other characters, the players choose the lines to answer with. All the things said by Lara will influence the game's story. The game now features several stealth mechanics, which allow Lara to silently knock out enemies, find cover in the shadows, and peek out of any cover.

Croft can climb walls, ladders, pipes, and ropes. The players can manage their inventory, utilize a diary, where they can find clues and tips on how to complete a level. There is no regenerative health present in the game, so the players have to pick up medkits, pills, and chocolate to restore health.

The core gameplay formula of Tomb Raider games stays unchanged, as the players have to explore fairly open-ended levels while finding certain items or exits off the level.

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