Trine is a mystical artifact that at some point in the past chose three mighty heroes to make sure that the land would be safe and the balance would be restored in time. Brave Knight Pontius, agile Thief Zoya and Amadeus the Wizard are called again to find out the source of the disturbance.

After the events of the second game, all three heroes had their time to rest, but now, after they answered a new call, the prisoner of the Artifacts, Sarek, has broken out and is planning to corrupt the world with his magic.

Studio Frozenbyte continued the story of the games while adding new mechanics. They expanded the game camera, and now players can experience bright and detailed backgrounds of the game and even move with the camera behind their back because Trine 3 is a full 3D game. The game studio had to cut the game short, ending the game on a cliffhanger, because the full scope of the project went outside of their budget, and it was the only way for them to finish the game. The rich soundtrack helps to add the atmosphere to the world of magic and whimsy.