On July, 11 2021 14:45 (UTC) (2 years ago) Gambit Esports goes up against G2 Esports in the Regular Phase of the IEM Cologne 2021 Season XVI (ex ESL One) Counter-Strike 2 Championship

Gambit match roster is Hobbit, interz, Ax1Le, sh1ro, nafany.
G2 roster is NiKo, Stewie2k, neXa, huNter-, m0NESY-.

Gambit current winrate is 70.00% against G2's 60.00%.

Team Gambit (rank #) is 5 places above G2 (rank #5).

Teams had 4 encounters in the past, Gambit won 4 times. G2 won 0 times.

Gambit had 1 loses in a row. Whereas team G2 had 2 loses.