On March, 09 2022 11:33 (UTC) (2 years ago) G2 Esports and LookingForOrg will carry out a match within Regular Phase of the 2022 ESL Pro League Season 15 Counter-Strike 2 Tournament

G2 had 2 loses in a row. Whereas team LFO had 1 wins.

Team G2 (rank #6) is 6 places beyond LFO (rank #).

G2 current winrate is 60.00% against LFO's 70.00%.

G2 match line-up is NiKo, Stewie2k, neXa, huNter-, m0NESY-.
LFO line-up is ap0c, HaZR, sterling, Liki, SaVage.

Teams had no previous encounters.