On December, 03 2023 10:25 (UTC) (in 6 months) within Final Phase of the 2023 CCT Online Finals 5 Counter-Strike 2 Championship G2 Esports and Ex-Sprout will face in another fight

Team G2 (rank #5) is 134 places above ex-Sprout (rank #139).

The favorite for this one looks to be G2 Esports with the best odd of 1.16 offered by Pinnacle.

Teams had no previous encounters.

G2 doing great by winning over 60.00% of their recent matches. While team ex-Sprout performs with 0.00% winrate.

G2 match roster is NiKo, Stewie2k, neXa, huNter-, m0NESY-.
ex-Sprout roster is raalz, reiko, podi, cej0t, Sdaim.

G2 current streak is 2 loses against ex-Sprout's 10 loses.