Match Natus Vincere Na'Vi vs Team Falcons Falcon | 22.05

On May, 22 2024 13:12 (UTC) (3 weeks ago) Natus Vincere and Team Falcons will play a fight within Regular Stage of the 2024 DreamLeague Season 23 Dota 2 Championship

Team Na'Vi will be represented by Zayac, Nefrit, Yuragi, Sanctity-, Malady. Whereas Team Falcon is by Cr1t-, Sneyking, skiter, ATF, Malr1ne.

Na'Vi current winrate is 50.00% against Falcon's 70.00%.

Team Na'Vi (rank #26) is 25 places beyond Falcon (rank #1).

Teams had 1 encounters in the past, Na'Vi won 0 times. Falcon won 1 times.

Na'Vi had 1 loses in a row. Whereas team Falcon had 2 wins.