Japanese developers love to combine contradicting genres in a single project. Currently, the loudest phenomenon has been the mix of Pokémon and firearms in Palworld. The project blends survival in an open world, searching and collecting creatures, and building bases.

Pals, the mysterious inhabitants of the world, have become the game's hallmark, as they can be collected, bred, made to work, and summoned in battle. We've gathered all available information on breeding Pals, explaining what's needed for it.

Why Breed Pals

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Pal selection is by no means a quick task. Before getting to this mechanic, you'll spend many hours in the game grinding, setting up a base, and fighting enemies, but rest assured — all the effort will pay off.

Breeding Pals must be done in a special Breeding Farm, with a male and female specimen. After the creatures meet, an egg will appear, which needs to be placed in an incubator.

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Pal eggs can be found in the open world, but predicting the set of qualities of the newborn creature is impossible. Breeding Pals is worth it to select the ideal combinations of characteristics. The process is long, requiring experiments to produce the rarest and most valuable types.

However, the reward is very attractive — an ideal Pal that will be useful on the base and in the open world. Moreover, Pal selection provides a lot of experience, and breeding new types can become one of the ways to steadily level up.

How to Breed Pals

Before starting to breed Pals in Palworld, you need to prepare. First, you need to level up to level 19 to unlock the Breeding Farm building recipe. Construction will take: wood (100), stone (20), fiber (50). The structure takes up a lot of space, keep this in mind when developing and expanding your base.

By this time, you will surely have several types of Pals of both male and female genders. An incubator is required: if you haven't unlocked the recipe yet, we advise spending points on it. For breeding, Pals must eat a pie.

To prepare the pie, you need to set up a pot, which is available at level 17. The ingredients needed are: wheat flour (5), red berries (8), egg (8), milk (7), honey (2).

Ingredients table for the pie:

IngredientHow to get
Wheat flour
Wandering Merchant, Dinossom, Floppy, Bristla, Sinnamos, Robinquille.
Red berries
Shrubs in the open world, mining from a berry farm.
Beegarde, Sinnamos, Warsect, Elizabee.

The enclosure and pie will require a lot of effort. However, if you want your breeding farm to work like clockwork, you'll have to dive into the grind and make 4 enclosures!

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We recommend building a fridge equivalent to keep ingredients fresh for a long time. The crafting recipe is available from level 12, and a Pal in the form of a penguin will definitely be at your base. Once you have everything set up, just settle the required Pals in the enclosure and place the pie in the chest. After breeding, an egg will appear, which must be taken to the incubator.

Incubating Pals

The egg incubator recipe is a special craft, displayed on the right in the technology menu. To create the mechanism, a rare resource Ancient Civilization Part is needed.

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After assembling the quirky device, place the egg inside, and incubation will begin. Note that this process has its peculiarities. For example, larger eggs will hatch longer compared to regular ones. Some types of eggs need to be placed in a specially prepared place. If warmth is needed — set up a fire, heating will accelerate "maturation". The game will indicate what conditions need to be met.

Comfort affects the speed of the creature's birth. To maximize acceleration by 100%, you need to achieve the "Very Comfortable" status. The new organism will acquire an element from the area where you pick up the egg, boss zones are also considered in this algorithm.

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Eggs in Palworld come in 3 sizes: normal → large → huge. The size indicates rarity.

Best Combinations for Breeding Pals in Palworld

For selection, you need to place a female and a male in the enclosure, gender is visible in the menu above the health bar, to the right of the name. The most successful type for breeding Pals is lucky, alpha, the rarest Pals available at the base. Such types exist for every species, and they produce the best offspring.

If you want to pass on specific traits of a Pal, for example, sadist or fast, then choose for breeding those individuals who have only 1 desired characteristic, not a set of 2–3.

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If you have a specimen with 2 desirable traits, nothing extra — that's even better! In cases where the desired pet is not available, you will have to breed Pals until the desired characteristic appears and "rudiments" are eliminated.

Pal Crossbreeding Table in Palworld

There are numerous options for creature selection, and this table presents just a few examples. The process of crossbreeding and producing Pals is meticulous, requiring a lot of time and attempts. You can use a handy calculator for breeding Pals to see the result in advance. Share your successful mutations in the comments.

Parent 1
Parent 2
Mau Cryst

Remember, not all Pals appear with a 100% probability after the first crossbreeding. Similar mechanics work as with catching creatures. For example, crossing Chikipi and Cryolinx, you may not get Dinossom on the first try.

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To produce the perfect Pal, it will take many hours of meticulous work and experiments. Breeding in Palworld is a fascinating and complex process, requiring attention to detail and patience. We wish you luck in this challenging creative process. Don't forget to share your successful breeding formulas in the comments. Your discoveries can help other players in Palworld.

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