Unlock the full potential of your Mass Effect journey through console commands. Discover a realm of customisation and control, elevating your gaming experience to unprecedented heights. Whether you seek enhanced abilities, unique items, or personalised characters, these commands empower you.

This guide delves into the purpose of console commands, offering insights to elevate your Mass Effect adventure, making every moment more immersive and tailored to your preferences. Elevate your gaming experience and unleash the true potential of Mass Effect.

Enabling Mass Effect console commands

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To unlock cheats in Mass Effect, follow these steps at your own risk:

  • Locate game folder: Head to the installation folder ending in BioWareMass Effect.
  • Navigate to config: Open the Config folder and locate the file BIOInput.
  • Edit configuration: Within BIOInput, find "Engine.Console". Create a new line underneath with "ConsoleKey=Tilde" for easy cheat access. Save the document.

Cheats console commands

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  • adjustcredits +/- X — add or subtract credits (X = amount);
  • Fly — gain the ability to fly;
  • giveall X — acquire all game gear (X = maker);
  • giveallarmor X — acquire all armour (X = maker);
  • giveallweapons X — acquire all weapons (X = maker);
  • givetalentpoints X — receive talent points (X = amount, Commander Shepard only);
  • givesuperarmor — acquire Super Armor (only for humans and Asari);
  • givesupergun — acquire Super Gun;
  • givexp X — receive experience points (X = amount);
  • ghost — walk through hard objects like walls;
  • initcredits X — set credits to the specified amount (X);
  • initsalvage X — acquire Medigel (X = amount);
  • setparagon X — receive Paragon points (X = amount);
  • setrenegade X — receive Renegade points (X = amount);
  • Teleport — move around rapidly;
  • Walk — disengage fly mode.

Easier aiming with Mass Effect console commands

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Try this console command strategy if you find it challenging to target fast-moving enemies like Geth Hoppers and Drones in Mass Effect. Open the command wheel during combat to momentarily freeze the game while retaining the ability to aim. Direct your gun at the agile enemy within the command wheel, then exit it. This tactic allows you to consistently land direct hits, providing an effective yet somewhat unconventional advantage in battles.

Wear any piece of armor — breaking the mold

In Mass Effect, armor is typically designed for specific creature types and classes. However, there's a workaround to have any character wear any armor, regardless of race or class. Navigate to the equipment menu, select the desired consistency, and locate the preferred armor. Count down the inventory list from the bottom, including the chosen armor.

Click the upgrade option on any piece, choose to turn it into Omni Gel, and quickly cancel. Return to the upgrades menu and count down the list as before. This technique enables you to equip any armor on any character, offering a unique customisation aspect to your Mass Effect experience.

Advanced Mass Effect console commands: unlocking hidden features

Delve into the depths of Mass Effect's console commands to unveil hidden features that can elevate your gaming experience. These commands go beyond the surface, offering a glimpse into aspects of the game not readily accessible through conventional means. Uncover mysteries and unlock elements that add a new dimension to your Mass Effect adventure.

Experimental tweaks for the bold explorer

For those seeking the thrill of uncharted territories, delve into experimental tweaks through console commands. These adjustments go beyond the standard gameplay, allowing you to tailor Mass Effect to your unique preferences. Approach with curiosity and a sense of adventure as you experiment with these tweaks, pushing the boundaries of what the game offers.

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Experience Mass Effect like never before by harnessing the power of console commands. Customise, experiment, and enhance your adventure, making every moment uniquely yours. Enjoy the boundless possibilities 

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