Huygens Principle is a 2D top-down shooter where you become the enemy that you killed.

All you want is revenge. And you are going through space, time and hell for this.


  • Fast-paced and hardcore gameplay where you must not only shoot but make decisions in every moment. Who will be next? Who am I going to become?
  • Neat synthwave soundtrack with 16 tracks from ALEX, CYBERCORPSE, Dupre, EMMETT BROWN, Reno and Wice.
  • 169 levels in 13 chapters. Each chapter takes place in a unique location with its own style and music. When you complete the first tutorial chapter all chapters are unlocked. The chapter can be selected on chronological timeline at the bottom of "Play" screen. You can play chapters in any order but it's recommended to follow numerical one.
  • Different types of gameplay: slow-mo, no powers and chapter where time moves when you move.