Trash Sailors is a chaotic co-op roguelite survival game for up to two players.
You play as a castaways who manage to survive trash tsunami and find yourself on raft in the middle of flooded world.
Looking for a place to live you'll have to collect garbage and recycle it to resources needed to keep the raft going.
During the journey you'll meet lot of strange creatures, odd dangers and surprises.
Working with your companion you'll have to defy them and do everything to save the raft and yourselfs.The Journey:Discover five completely different and randomized areas, each one will bring a new challenge. Fight with big octopuses, deadly sharks, cunning penguins, mud alligators, wild tribes, and many more.
Keep moving no matter what. Sail through rains and storms, fog, and complete darkness.Castaways:You will meet other outcasts who will help you survive. They will be different and specialize in different activities.
Find new cozy outfits to customize.Local co-op for two players:Are you good at steering, firing cannons, fighting, gathering resources or maybe something else? Choose your favorite and work together with your friend to overcome obstacles.
Be ready to take over your companion's tasks at any moment as they might get suddenly pulled underwater.

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