In this fan-game you will play as TommyInnit, a teenager that got in a very real Minecraft War, got betrayed, saw his friends die, and watches how one of his closest friends slowly loses his mind. Yet, somehow, Tommy manages to keep his sanity.

Would you like to change the story? Or do you want to help Tommy convice Wilbur that there's a lot of other ways besdie blowing up Manburg?
Maybe, you want to betray everyone?
After all, everyone who's claiming to be on our side... They're just lying to us, so why can't you do the same?

The game is a work in progress!
Please let me know if there's any bugs, crashes, etc. so I can see what can I do with it.
I hope you enjoy the game, and if you do, please leave a comment and follow me so you'll know about future updates!

Contact Info
@K4KRR_ - My Twitter
kesha4kablin#6884 - My Discord

Special thanks to
Everyone from Dream SMP for creating the series,
Ethan for testing the game to see if there's any bugs,
Friends who support me while I'm working on this game,
And you for playing it!