It's time to join Shrek and his friends for fairy tale fun with a twist in a land far far away! There's plenty of fun and learning to be had with Shrek and his pals as you embark on activities based on actual scenes from the movie! Features: 3 unique levels of difficulty will encompass a broad range of ages for each activity. Join Shrek and his friends including : Puss In Boots, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Gingerbread Man, King Harold and many other in this action-packed Activity Wonderland. Awesome activated including: Dinner with the King, Careening Carriage, Fairy Godmother's Lab and many others that will keep you smiling, challenged and playing for hours. Play hide & Go Seek with Shrek and his friends! Help Shrek with his table manners in "Dinner with the King"Catch Puss in Boots before he gets you!