The rich, diverse genre of "simulation" titles enjoys immense popularity. This is not surprising, as these games allow us to feel like a brave farmer, a ruler, a builder, a long-haul truck driver on long but incredibly interesting trips, and so on.

The best simulator games on PCImage: Ensiplay

Perhaps some people really want to raise chickens, cows, conquer the skies, or immerse themselves in the world of the Middle Ages. In real life, it's not always possible to fulfill these dreams, but projects can help make them come true. We have compiled a list of the 20 best simulation games for PC so that each reader can try on a new role and spend their time with pleasure.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4Image: Ensiplay

  • Developer: The Sims Studio (Maxis)
  • Release Date: September 2, 2014
  • Download: EA

Of course, our selection is opened by the famous life simulator, which has captured the hearts of many players since the early 2000s. The entire Sims series has an unparalleled atmosphere that no other life simulator has managed to convey so far.

It's simple: first, the player needs to create a character or even an entire family (the main thing is not to get stuck on this for 5 hours, otherwise, the gameplay will revolve around this), then move them into a house that can be built beforehand, get them a job, and... manage the life of the virtual person by giving them commands. The character can become a successful actor or a homeless person living in a dump. It all depends on the user's rich imagination.

The fourth part was released in 2014, but expansions are still being released, so the title is not going to fade into obscurity anytime soon.

Manor Lords

Manor LordsImage: Ensiplay

  • Developer: Slavic Magic
  • Release Date: April 26, 2024
  • Download: Steam

Welcome to a strategy + city-building simulator that immerses gamers in the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. You’ll need to create a lord who must build and manage a prosperous settlement.

It's hard to believe that this title was created by one person, as everything is detailed to the smallest degree. For example, after rain, puddles appear that can be seen up close. You can also switch to a third-person view, wander around the town, and observe what the townspeople are doing. The better you plan, build logistics, the faster the village will flourish.

There are also battles: the ruler will have to defend the city from enemies and then conquer other territories. We have a review of this project that explains everything in detail. We recommend reading it to learn many interesting facts.

Arma 3

Arma 3Image: Steam

  • Developer: Bohemia Interactive
  • Release Date: September 12, 2013
  • Download: Steam

Cultivating fields, fishing, repairing cars are quite peaceful activities that can help you relax. Arma 3, on the other hand, is the simulator that makes players eat dirt and enjoy the smell of napalm in the morning. This project serves as a combat sim that doesn’t give the gamers hope for a friendly shootout.

Here you experience hardcore gameplay. All projectiles have ballistics, people, equipment have weight, and there are no markers. It’s common to get shot in the head after 30 minutes of silence.

Playing solo is only possible against bots. Otherwise, Arma 3 is entirely multiplayer and relies on precise coordination with the team. Without voice chat, you’ll be kicked out, so be prepared to listen to, follow all the commander’s orders.

Farming Simulator 2022

Farming Simulator 2022Image: Ensiplay

  • Developer: Giants Software
  • Release Date: November 21, 2021
  • Download: Steam

From the hot battlefield, we move to fields of corn, wheat, or potatoes. It all depends on what you plant there. Farming Simulator 2022 is an excellent farm sim where players can immerse themselves in an unforgettable atmosphere. After buying a tractor and a field, you need to care for the field to produce a harvest that can be sold or used in production.

Additionally, players can engage in livestock farming, beekeeping, grow strawberries, tomatoes, or lettuce in a greenhouse, or fulfill orders to earn money. There are plenty of tasks, so no one will get bored, especially in cooperative mode.

For success, it is necessary to monitor the planting and harvest seasons, as well as price fluctuations. For example, in winter, fabric made from cotton or wool will cost less than in spring. Such observations can help you earn more money. The user also needs to monitor the wear and tear of equipment.

Elite Dangerous

Elite DangerousImage: 

  • Developer: Frontier Developments
  • Release Date: April 2, 2014
  • Download: Elitedangerous

Simulators allow us to conquer not only endless cornfields but also space. In Elite Dangerous, the entire Milky Way is modeled very accurately, and you can visit every star visible from the ship. But to do this, players must master ship controls, which is not simple.

All interactions with objects are from the pilot's perspective, so the player can’t just press "F" to pay respects to the ship. As for gameplay, the user is free to do anything. You can engage in trading and buy yourself a space truck, transport passengers, become a military pilot, or a scientist. In the Odyssey DLC, will be able to complete missions on planets with shooter mechanics.

The Universim

The UniversimImage: Steam

  • Developer: Crytivo
  • Release Date: January 22, 2024
  • Download: Steam

Another city-building project that can also be confidently called a god simulator. You’ll have to develop not just a village, but an entire planet into an advanced civilization. Initially, the player will need to direct the first people on what to do: building, gathering food, or making love to produce children. Later, the little humans will start doing everything on their own.

You can not only observe but also encourage or punish people, as you are an omnipotent being. The player has control over time, natural disasters, calamities, changing minds, and much more. The user also needs to consider the character + features of the people.

The graphics are pleasant, and the gameplay will engage you for many hours. Perhaps some readers have already played The Universim since the title was in early access for a long time. But in 2024, it saw a full release.

Kebab Chefs! — Restaurant Simulator

Kebab Chefs Restaurant SimulatorImage: Steam

  • Developer: Biotech Gameworks
  • Release Date: January 19, 2024
  • Download: Steam

This title made it to our top list because of the fun you can have in cooperative mode. The project is still in early access and has its drawbacks, errors, and other issues. However, despite all this, users can enjoy simple but engaging gameplay.

The character inherits a restaurant that needs to be developed, which means cooking dishes correctly according to a recipe book. To create a culinary masterpiece, the user first needs to buy ingredients sold in different stores. Once you have everything, you can light the grill, start cooking. Gradually, new recipes, kitchen utensils will become available. However, in order to move forward, the task will be to satisfy the tastes of critics.

Playing with friends or a significant other will be very entertaining. Someone can handle the cooking, someone can wash dishes, and someone can clean up and collect tips from customers.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval DynastyImage: Ensiplay

  • Developer: Render Cube
  • Release Date: September 23, 2021
  • Download: Steam

We return once again to a medieval life simulator where players must create, develop their settlement. Thanks to a recent expansion, you can now do this not alone, but with friends or a loved one.

First, the player needs to build a house, and then everything else: a hunting lodge, warehouse, kitchen, blacksmith, and so on. Of course, you won't have to do everything yourself. In order for the settlement to flourish, the character needs people who are sitting around the campfire in nearby towns. If the village needs a hunter, the hero should find someone with such skills. All the items you craft are sold in the same nearby towns.

Since this is also a survival game, it's important to monitor the character's hunger, thirst, temperature, cleanliness. This is complemented by farming, animal husbandry, quests.

Tropico 6

Tropico 6Image: Ensiplay

  • Developers: Limbic Entertainment, Realmforge Studios
  • Release Date: March 29, 2019
  • Download: Steam

Welcome to paradise! Or perhaps not quite a paradise… It all depends on the gamer, who can choose to play as either a ruthless dictator or a quirky ruler of a banana republic. This economic, political, city-building simulator allows you to enjoy not only pleasant graphics but also the process itself.

You’ll need to build relationships not only with neighboring countries but also with people, who will quickly overthrow their "beloved" El Presidente if they are dissatisfied. Therefore, the gamer must consider all the citizens’ needs: good healthcare, accessible housing, sufficient entertainment, and so on.

Naturally, to bring all this to reality, you need to trade with neighboring countries, which will happily declare war on the state if relations sour. To trade, the player must build farms, fields with various crops, factories, mines, and more. Additionally, the user can develop a tourist zone for extra income.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021Image: 

  • Developer: Red Dot Games
  • Release Date: August 11, 2021
  • Download: Steam

Sims are not just for entertainment. For instance, there are many stories online about how the Car Mechanic Simulator series has helped users understand real cars better. If you want to learn the basics of auto mechanics or simply love cars, we recommend checking out this title.

This project will teach you how to turn rusty metal into real masterpieces. The tutorial will guide you through all aspects step by step. Then, players can develop their own auto repair shop. Tired of simple orders? Find a wrecked car in a junkyard and bring it back to life. Gamers can purchase new parts, tune the car, and then test their masterpiece on the track.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2Image: Ensiplay

  • Developer: SCS Software
  • Release Date: October 18, 2012
  • Download: Steam

Sticking with the automotive theme, ETS 2 offers all users the chance to try being a long-haul trucker, whose goal is to deliver goods across different countries. Although the project was released back in 2012, expansions + mods are still being released.

As mentioned, players need to deliver goods. Initially, you’ll drive someone else's truck, completing less lucrative orders and earning money that you can later spend on the truck, trailer, garage, and even employees.

But that’s not the main point. What’s valued here is the calm gameplay, beautiful views out the window, music from the radio (if the player installs a modification), the romance of life on the road. This title is perfect for those who want to relax after a hard day, drive through European countries.

Stardew Valley

Stardew ValleyImage: 

  • Developers: ConcernedApe, Sickhead Games
  • Release Date: February 26, 2016
  • Download: Steam

One of the most engaging activities for many users is building something in a title: a house, a garden, a café. In this project, you’ll need to take over an abandoned farm and turn it into something worthwhile.

The original game was designed for a single player, but after some time, a cooperative mode was introduced. Now the player can walk around the village with friends or a loved one, meet other residents, fish, create a personal pixelated world.

Once you sit down to play Stardew Valley with someone and immerse yourself in its wonderful virtual world, you’ll fall in love with this life + farm sim forever.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020Image: 

  • Developer: Asobo Studio
  • Release Date: August 18, 2020
  • Download: Xbox

Enough driving on the ground; it’s time to take to the skies. Flight sim can boast advanced physics, and the king of them all is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sure, you can turn off all the complex features and just fly, but we are not chickens; we are proud swans. So, crank up the physics settings to make life harder for yourself. However, if hardcore isn’t appealing to you, there is always the option to ease the gameplay.

Air resistance, mass, speed are fundamental features that no longer surprise anyone. If a light Cessna takes off, lands like a feather, lifting a heavy Airbus into the air is much more challenging.

Landing is a complex quest for players. A significant factor here is the simulation of airflow. If the user lacks speed, they’ll experience a "stall", causing the aircraft to plummet and spin out of control. At higher difficulty settings, temperature effects come into play.

Even if the gamer set aside the realistic physics, it’s an excellent simulator with beautiful scenery.

House Flipper 2

House Flipper 2Image:

  • Developers: Frozen District, Empyrean
  • Release Date: December 14, 2023
  • Download: Steam

In 2023, the sequel to the legendary simulator for cleaning, building, gardening — House Flipper 2 — was released.

Here, players must progress from a cleaner to a top-tier designer. Initially, the orders will be for cleaning, which are easy to handle. Gradually, they will become more varied and interesting. The main character will have various tools + materials at their disposal to transform any simple house into a work of design art.

This title is ideal for those who enjoy a calm gameplay experience without the need to rush. It’s also a great opportunity to unleash creativity. Perhaps, deep down, there is a talented interior designer within you, just waiting for a chance to shine.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing SimulatorImage: Steam

  • Developers: Bit Golem, Pancake Games, 3T Labs
  • Release Date: August 30, 2018
  • Download: Steam

Another meditative project has made its way into our list of the best PC simulators. What could be more pleasant than virtual fishing, where there are no annoying mosquitoes, no bothersome wind, and the fish aren’t scared away by every noise? It’s nice to sit in a comfortable chair, cast a cool virtual rod, and wait for the catch.

By the way, you can choose from 50 types of rods and numerous baits. But even in a game, fishing isn’t that simple, as the user needs special skills to catch the haul.

The project features several maps with excellent graphics. However, the natural scenery might not always delight you, as you’ll constantly have to contend with the river’s current. But without challenges, the game would quickly become boring. Once a virtual fisherman figures everything out, they’ll find that sense of tranquility.

Tavern Master

Tavern MasterImage: Steam

  • Developer: Untitled Studio
  • Release Date: November 16, 2021
  • Download: Steam

What could be better than a mug of excellent beer on a hot day in a cozy tavern? Here, the player must develop their own tavern, buy new furniture, improve the menu, and host themed nights to earn a good profit. It's important that customers are satisfied with the service + the menu: otherwise, they may leave very unhappy.

The main goal is to reach a themed night attended by the royal family, but to achieve this, the gamer must go through a challenging but very interesting journey. You need to keep track of the quantity of food, drinks, as well as ensure safety, otherwise, a fire could destroy your business.


SnowRunnerImage: Ensiplay

  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Release Date: April 28, 2020
  • Download:

Advanced physics is often loved in auto simulators. Although SnowRunner can't be called an advanced driving sim, its physics are excellent, and they apply not just to the vehicles. Since this game is about driving heavy trucks in off-road conditions, the combination of mechanics is quite interesting. Vehicles have real weight, center of mass, surfaces have different materials with their own properties.

To put it simply, a heavy vehicle will literally sink in the mud. The mud itself is not just a texture. The ground has physics: it retains tracks, and it has varying degrees of softness, viscosity. The same applies to snow + water. A strong river current can flip or carry you away.

You’ll often find yourself overturning. Vehicles, trailers have a center of mass, meaning their height and width play a crucial role. A truck with a huge crane will start tipping over at every bump. Low and wide vehicles will remain stable. From all this, players will conclude that delivering cargo is no easy task, which is the main objective of the game.

Way of the Hunter

Way of the HunterImage: Steam

  • Developer: Nine Rocks Games
  • Release Date: August 16, 2022
  • Download: Steam

Now we invite our readers to embark on an unforgettable hunting trip to experience extreme thrills and incredible emotions. One of the advantages of this project is that everything changes regardless of whether the gamer is online or not. This includes weather, time of day, animal movements.

However, like in fishing, players must work hard to get a trophy: choose the right weapon, consider various parameters such as the distance to the target, move without making a sound, and account for the animal's behavior.

Another plus is that the hunter can bring a friend, making the process much more enjoyable. But there's a catch: the animals will start behaving much more cautiously.


RimWorldImage: Steam

  • Developer: Ludeon Studios
  • Release Date: October 17, 2018
  • Download: Steam

RimWorld is not just a colony simulator — it positions itself as a story randomizer. This is the most accurate description, as every hour spent in the title will be unique, thanks to the AI storyteller that randomly generates events.

Winning is not easy, considering all the mechanics. First, there are advanced survival elements. If you’re not prepared for winter, the colony will freeze. If a colonist is bitten by a rabbit, expect infection, rabies, death. Fires, hunger, temperature fluctuations, enemy invasions, diseases — all of these can kill the colonists. However, there is an easy mode for beginners.

Second, RimWorld features advanced social mechanics. Each person has their own personality, preferences, worldview. All characters react to even the smallest events. They fall in love, argue, fight, go insane, suffer from addictions, and can eventually become uncontrollable.

Train Sim World 3

Train Sim World 3Image: Steam

  • Developer: Dovetail Games
  • Release Date: September 6, 2022
  • Download: Steam

Our selection wouldn't be complete without train simulators. There are many, but Train Sim World 3 is one of the best. The core gameplay of such projects never changes: you take control of a transport + passengers or cargo. However, there are additional mechanics and features that make these titles diverse.

The players are not limited to simple average trains. The project includes real heavyweights that differ in control from the average, as well as ultra-high-speed transports packed with electronics. Notably, you can now get out of the machine, adding realism to the experience.

Our list of the top 20 best simulators for PC has come to an end. There are many interesting projects that didn’t make it into our selection, but you can choose something interesting from here to spend several unforgettable hours with engaging gameplay.

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