Just like in real life, doors in Minecraft have only one functional purpose – to protect the house from unwanted guests. However, the iron variant can be quite surprising, as even the homeowner cannot open it without the help of redstone mechanisms!

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In our article, we’ll explain in detail how to create an iron door in Minecraft, how to use this interior item, and give some recommendations for its use.

Creation method

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You’ll need six iron ingots and a crafting table. Iron is one of the most commonly found ores, which can be located in caves even near the surface. However, a stone pickaxe or better is required to mine the resource.

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The ore needs to be smelted in a furnace before it can be used. Place the iron ingots in the grid on the crafting table in the following order.

iron door in MinecraftImage: Ensiplay

You’ll get a total of three doors, which are used for their intended purpose. However, they require activation devices: a lever, button, or pressure plate. The image below shows how to craft all three components.

iron door in MinecraftImage: Ensiplay

In the next section, we’ll explain how to open or close an iron door.

Operating Principle

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This door, unlike a wooden one, cannot be opened with the interaction button. In the previous section, we mentioned activation devices – now let's discuss them in more detail.

Pressure plate

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A pressure plate is a common switch. To make it work with the door, simply place the item on an adjacent block, as shown in the image above.

Pressure plate in minecraftImage: minecraft.fandom.com

However, everyone should remember that as soon as the character leaves the pressure plate, the door will close shortly after.


button in minecraftImage: Ensiplay

This is one of the most accessible ways to open the gates of hell (just kidding). The principle is the same as the mechanism described above. Place the switch next to the door to activate it by pressing the device. It’s important to note that the button opens the so-called gates for only 1–1.5 seconds.


lever in minecraftImage: Ensiplay

A lever is a basic switch in redstone dust mechanisms. Using this item, players can create complex constructions with conditional logic, but the device easily handles an iron door as well. Just place it on an adjacent block and lower the lever handle to open the door. To close it, press the device again.

lever in minecraftImage: Ensiplay

You can hide the lever nearby, but it must be connected to the door with redstone dust. This also works with the previous types of switches, but in such cases, you need to use a redstone torch, repeater, comparator, and other mechanisms.

Usage tips

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The item will serve as excellent protection from villagers who love to wander and peek where they are not expected. They’ll not be able to open the iron door and enter your house, just like zombies: some of them can break wooden doors on higher difficulty levels.

If bandits are chasing the player, they also won’t be able to enter the shelter if it’s protected by steel gates. However, any hostile creature stepping on the pressure plate will open the door. Therefore, for safety, use a lever or more complex mechanisms.

zombies in MinecraftImage: Steam

Additionally, there is an interesting point with wooden plates and buttons: any arrow that accidentally hits the mechanism will activate the device. Players should also remember this when building their base.

We hope our guide was helpful and that you managed to create the best iron door.

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