The developers of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have created a captivating universe of dragons and magic, where armor, weapons, and skill level play an important role for the character. However, players can influence damage, magic, and dragons themselves using cheats. You can enter all codes for Skyrim after pressing the console button "~" (tilde).

Full list of Skyrim cheats

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  • tcl — walk through walls;
  • tgm — total invincibility;
  • tmm 1 — unlock the entire map;
  • killall — kill everyone: affects enemies and allies in the line of sight;
  • psb — access to all spells, dragon shouts, and talents;
  • tdetect — disables NPC vision;
  • tcai — stop/resume combat;
  • coc Sovngarde01 — teleport to Sovngarde.


  • coc WindhelmPitEntrance — moves to a secret place in Windhelm;
  • set timescale to 0 — stops time, entering 10000 will make a day pass in seconds;
  • sexChange — change gender, but the face remains the same;
  • showracemenu — opens character creation mode to change race, gender, appearance, and name;
  • tfc — free camera movement;
  • qqq — exit the game;
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin 100 — allows to jump higher;
  • Skyrim cheat codes for money: player.additem F N — instead of N enter the amount of gold;
  • Skyrim cheat codes for weight: player.modav carryweight X — increases character carrying capacity, instead of X enter a value;
  • Skyrim lockpicks id: player.additem A N — instead of N enter the desired number of lockpicks;
  • player.setav invisibility 1 — invisibility mode for your character to all, to disable enter 0 instead of 1;
  • player.setav speedmult X — after running with Alt held down, enter a percentage value for running speed instead of X;
  • player.setscale X — increases character height, instead of X enter numbers. For example: 1 = 100%, 2 = 200%;
  • player.setcrimegold 0 — cancel the bounty on the character's head;
  • player.placeatme 0010BF90 — summon the Spectral Horse;
  • player.addspell 00092C48 — to transform the character into a wolf/werewolf, activated with the Z key. Important: the skill cannot be canceled, and the transformation back into a human will occur automatically after some time.

Cheat codes for skills and ability points


  • The cheat code "advskill" increases a skill by a certain number of experience units.
  • The "player.setav" command is needed when the skill level is above 100.
  • Entering the commands "advskill skill from the list below 999999" and "player.setav skill from the list below 0" several times in a row will give you the necessary number of ability points to level up all available skills in Skyrim.


  • Alchemy — alchemy;
  • Alteration — alteration;
  • Conjuration — conjuration;
  • Destruction — destruction;
  • Enchanting — enchanting;
  • Illusion — illusion;
  • Restoration — restoration;
  • Marksman — marksmanship;
  • Block — blocking;
  • HeavyArmor — heavy armor;
  • LightArmor — light armor;
  • Lockpicking — lockpicking;
  • Onehanded — one-handed weapons;
  • Twohanded — two-handed weapons;
  • Pickpocket — pickpocketing;
  • Smithing — smithing;
  • Sneak — sneak;
  • Speechcraft — speechcraft.
  • advskill HeavyArmor 100 — will increase the Heavy Armor skill by 100 experience;
  • player.setav Smithing 50 — sets the Smithing skill level to 50;
  • Advlevel — increases level but does not add ability points;
  • player.setlevel N — changes the character's level, instead of N enter numbers from 1 to 255.


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  • StartQuest "quest id" — to start a quest;
  • CompleteQuest "quest id" — to complete a quest;
  • showquesttargets — shows the id and objectives of active quests;
  • saq — starts all quests, but may cause the game to crash;
  • caqs — completes all quests, but can also cause the game to crash;
  • sqs "quest id" — shows all stages of a quest;
  • getstage "quest id" — shows the current stage number of the quest;
  • setstage "quest id" "stage" — moves to a specific stage of the quest by number;
  • completeallobjectives "quest id" — marks all tasks as completed;
  • resetquest "quest id" — resets the quest to the start;
  • movetoqt "quest id" — moves the character to the current quest objective.
Note: Enter the commands in the console without quotes.



  • The command player.addspell 000B8780 gives the character the Sanguinare Vampiris disease. This gives a 10% chance of turning into a vampire three days after infection. You can check this in the Magic section: under Active Effects, there should be a vulnerability to fire.
  • If it's not there, then use the code player.removespell 000B8780 — this will cancel the previous code, and then re-enter player.addspell 000B8780.
  • The code setstage 000EAFD5 10 allows you to cure the disease, but only once, as this code completes the quest.

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