Krafton, the Korean company behind PUBG, has unveiled a new video for their upcoming life simulator, inZOI. This game, aimed to compete with The Sims, boasts realistic graphics and ambitious development plans. The recent video showcases gameplay footage and character creation features. Players can enter and drive cars, similar to GTA games, and even pick up passengers. 

inZOiImage: youtube.comCharacter creation offers extensive customization options, including a hair length eraser, a brush for individual coloring, and a color palette reminiscent of Sims 3.

inZOiImage: youtube.comThe developers plan to implement various features in inZOI, including group activities, a karma system, a city editing mode, and in-depth relationship mechanics between characters. Karma plays a significant role in the gameplay. The game tracks the actions of player avatars and assigns them a rating, which influences relationships with other residents, careers, and overall life within the game.

inZOiImage: youtube.cominZOI is currently without a release date.

inZOiImage: youtube.comPowered by Unreal Engine 5, inZOI promises realistic graphics, job simulations, the ability to build and decorate homes, and engage in hobbies like cooking and sports. Of course, interpersonal relationships will be a core mechanic of this life simulator.

Main image: Ensiplay