Last week, Epic Games released the trailer for Fortnite's fifth season, which will feature several new characters. Among them were Solid Snake and Peter Griffin. Additionally, the trailer included graffiti depicting the Ninja Turtles, which immediately caught the attention of fans.

Dataminers got to work and found images of the mutant turtles in the game files. Along with them, journalist April O’Neil will be added to Fortnite in a new look. As for other characters from the franchise, no traces of them were found. It's not ruled out that Master Splinter and Shredder may appear in the future.

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Recall that in early December, the "Underground" chapter opened in the Battle Royale, featuring train capture, weapon modification, enhanced animations, a grappling hook for instant movement, and other innovations.

Also, in December, players can expect another important update. A survival mode similar to Minecraft will appear in Fortnite. Instead of a cubic world, fans can expect a Lego universe. This will be a separate mode based on the legendary franchise, with an emphasis on global construction.

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