In a situation where not everyone has yet completed Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, it is no surprise that community heroes and memes are coming to the forefront.

We've already written about how the legendary community player Let Me Solo Her became Let Me Solo Him and started helping others defeat bosses from the DLC. However, even such a veteran struggled greatly with the final battle. Let Me Solo Her managed to defeat the final boss only on the seventy-fourth attempt.

But the end of the story alone wouldn't be enough for the news, so let's add an interesting fact. We can say with great certainty that the character Let Me Solo Her influenced the appearance of a character in the Star Wars universe series "The Acolyte."

The show's runner admitted that when creating one of the characters, a Sith played by Manny Jacinto, they were inspired by a character from Elden Ring. There is indeed a certain resemblance: the absence of armor, two swords, and a helmet covering the head.

Sith vs. Let Me Solo HerImage:

The inspiration is, of course, quite debatable, but we hope Let Me Solo Her finds this homage pleasing.

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