A new trailer for Genshin Impact was recently presented, introducing the new game character Ka Ming.

Ka Ming is a four-star character with the Pyro element, working for a security company and leading the dance group "Mystical Beasts". His main feature in combat is falling attacks that deal damage to enemies.

Genshin ImpactImage credit: x.com

Ka Ming is an attack fighter who deals primary damage with falling strikes. In battle, the hero uses Pyro magic as well as two-handed weapons. His elemental skill allows him to make a forward dash. When hitting an enemy, Ka Ming bounces, and his next falling attack deals additional Pyro damage.

When using an elemental burst, the character summons a companion, deals area damage, restores health, and reduces the cooldown of the elemental skill.

The character will be introduced in the major update "Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze", scheduled for January 31. This update will also bring other new features to the game, including the five-star character Xianyun, as well as a new location — Chenyu Vale, and many other interesting elements.

Main image by ensiplay