The Xbox Games Showcase 2024, a major video game presentation, will happen relatively soon. Prepare yourselves, and circle June 9 on your calendar, as that date was announced on Microsoft's website.

During the broadcast, the company will unveil the new part of the super popular game series. Microsoft representatives did not specify which franchise exactly, but they revealed a teaser with an unknown logo.

You may say that Microsoft will have a double-header, as their event will have two parts: a main broadcast and a Direct, focused on an unannounced project. The main presentation will showcase titles from Blizzard, Bethesda, and other developers. As for the so-called [Redacted] part, the same scheme was used with Starfield last year.

People in the community immediately suggested that the teaser image features the Activision logo, which is simply blacked out. According to The Verge, Microsoft and Treyarch studio will announce CoD: Black Ops Gulf War, newest title in one of the main subseries. The website also suggests that we might see something related to the new Gears of War game.

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