Pocketpair has released a new update for its popular open-world game Palworld, fixing an issue that had long troubled players. Currently, the update has been released only for the Steam version of the game and is labeled as v0.1.4.1.

The update for the Xbox version and Windows Store will be released later, as soon as it is ready. It will be labeled as v0.1.1.4.

PalworldImage credit: Reddit

The main focus of the update is the correction of data saving errors that corrupted and caused the game to crash when the number of friends captured by the guild reached approximately 7,000.

A previous patch already prevented this, but this update actually repairs the saves that were corrupted before, allowing players to resume gameplay. Additionally, the update includes measures to combat certain cheats and much more.

You can read the full patch description here.

PalworldImage credit: sidequesting.com

The developers note that prioritizing the correction of the game's main issues comes before they begin implementing an extensive roadmap of additional content and features planned for the game in early access.

Palworld recently surpassed the 19 million user mark, with 12 million on Steam and 7 million on Xbox, marking an explosive and unexpected success on both platforms.

Main image by ensiplay