In the popular survival game Palworld, the update has altered the Pal mating system. Now, the chance of obtaining the desired character is lower. Creature collection — a feature that sets the project apart in the market — has been affected. With the new update, breeding creatures with negative passive abilities, such as fear of fire or low speed, carries a chance that these abilities will be passed on to the offspring. Previously, this was not the case, and players used breeding to create super species with exceptional passive skills, eliminating all negatives.

PalworldImage: Palworld

😡 Reaction: The update has led to a lot of negative feedback on Palworld's official Discord channel. Some appreciate the genetics becoming more realistic, and the ability to pass genes to offspring is an interesting concept. However, the other side of the conflict is against realism in this aspect of gameplay. Many are disappointed and believe that breeding has become useless and risky.

Now, a creature with good genes can be ruined if compared to a Pal offspring with negative passive skills. Some players have even threatened to boycott the game or demanded refunds if the developers do not revert this change.

Palworld is one of the most popular and successful games of 2024, continuing to attract millions of players with its unique combination of survival, building, combat, and breeding.

Main image: Palworld trailer